Palo Santo Natural Incense Selecciòn - 36 sticks
Palo Santo Natural Incense Selecciòn - 36 sticksPalo Santo Natural Incense Selecciòn - 36 sticks

Palo Santo Natural Incense Selecciòn – 36 sticks


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MODE OF USE As always when using the fire, it is advisable to use suitable media and not to leave the burning or glowing products unattended. Turns the blade at one end, then turns it off (or let it turn off) after a few dozen seconds. From the boil will come a thin line of smoke that will spread in the surrounding environment the typical aroma of this smell of wood, perfume of the soul. It can be brought to the various places and rooms that need fumigation, or placed in a vertical position, alone or with the help of a pallet holder. When it goes out of course (after a few minutes) you will notice that the residues near and above the palette are almost null: much better than an incense! The selected Palo Santo® naturally has a hardness and density to ensure complete combustion of the braces. It enjoys at least one hundred fumigations, since it is not self-fueling.


  • The products sold by Herborea srl are indicated with Palo Santo® trademark.
  • Bursera Graveolens wood is characterized by a strong natural fragrance and it has been used since ancient times by indigenous people (Maya, Incas and Manteña) for its many beneficial psycho-physical properties and as a spiritual remedy to purify the air around you from heavy energies and annoying insects.
  • The finest variety is that of some trees of southern Ecuador and northern Peru. From this last variety, which contains a percentage of limonene between 62-68% (a very high amount for a tree), they get the sticks, the essential oil, resin and high quality products marketed under the brand name “Palo Holy Seleccion “.
  • Use: turn the stick on at one end, and then turn it off (or leave it off) after a few seconds. From the embers a thin wisp of smoke will rise and spread the typical aroma of this fragrant wood, scent of the soul, into the surrounding environment.
  • Box of 24 sticks of natural incense Palo Santo Seleccion
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